About me

My name is Giulia Clerici, I am an illustrator. I love painting colorful food, starry skies and wonderful adventures, and when I do it I always try and tell a unique story, made of memories, feelings and emotions, with an open heart to the world around us.

Why do I paint with watercolors? We are living in a society where visual communication is mostly standardized and often based on digital techniques - there’s little room for the slowness and imperfection of painting. But uniqueness often arises from imperfections, and it needs slowness if it wishes to grow. I can never get tired of the feeling of freedom and intensity that water and color spreading on paper give me!

Something about me

Illustrating is part of my "second working life". I hold a degree in electronic engineering, with a specialization in non-linear optics, and before following my dream I (happily) worked for twelve years in the energy sector, dealing with trading and portfolio management. So - yes, I'm super precise and fussy, and I do have a great passion for physics.

I could say that I am a self-taught painter, but this is not really true. I have loved creating things and painting since my early childhood, and I had the good fortune to have a mother who was an artist and a painter: she taught me many things. My grandfather was a sculptor, too, and though I never had the chance to meet him, I can still admire and study his wonderful works today.

I have always loved reading, and I can't imagine my world without books. I am a keen reader and I have been exploring different genres - but if there is one thing I can’t do without, that’s reading a few pages of a compelling story before falling asleep.

I believe in the importance of lightness, as Italo Calvino teaches us in "American Lessons":"Prendete la vita con leggerezza. Che leggerezza non è superficialità, ma planare sulle cose dall'alto, non avere macigni sul cuore. [...] La leggerezza per me si associa con la precisione e la determinazione, non con la vaghezza e l'abbandono al caso. Paul Valéry ha detto: Il faut être léger comme l'oiseau, et non comme la plume" (Take life lightly. Because lightness is not superficiality, but gliding over things from above, not having burdens on your heart. [...] To me, lightness matches with precision and determination, not with vagueness and indulgence to fate. Paul Valery said: you must be as light as the bird that flies, not as the feather that falls).

I believe in the value of kindness. Kindness does not stand for weakness and submission or lack of personality - kindness is strength, balance, serenity. Being kind is a choice, a hard choice! We are often fighting with a violent, arrogant, prevaricating instinct - it is our kindness to others that can bring us back to respect and civilization. Kindness is made up of small gestures - which can be very powerful, though.

How can I help you? Would you like to work with me or talk to me about a new project? Let’s get in touch - I’ll be waiting for you!