This is what I do

I love painting illustrations that tell a story.
Find out what I can do for you - find out if this story can be your story!

Helping you add value to your products and your company

I create illustrations for the packaging of your products, for your restaurant's menu, your communication, your website… and for everything that can help you promote and enhance your products and your company.

Painting illustrated recipes

I paint customized illustrated recipes to decorate the walls of your kitchen, your restaurant or your store, to treasure your family recipes, or for a unique gift that can make your loved ones feel very special.

Painting customized illustrations

I create tailor made illustrations to help you transfer your dreams onto paper: for your wedding invitations, to decorate your home, to enhance your blog, or for a unique and special gift.


I recently bought a calendar and cards from Giulia and I cannot recommend her and her shop enough! The communication with Giulia was seamless, she responded very quickly and kept me posted when the items became available. The packaging was carefully done to avoid damage in the mail and with beautiful extra touches. And of course both the calendar and the cards are beautiful. I will be her customer for many years to come!

Ivana Juraga, Calendario Disegnato 2019
If you have any questions or if you have any projects that differ from those I have described, do not hesitate to contact me - I will be happy to answer your query!