illustrated recipes

Ricette Disegnate (Illustrated Recipes) are hand-painted, customized, illustrated recipes - they help you treasure your favorite recipes, and they can be a gift to make your loved ones feel really special.

Everybody has a family recipe in our heart that reminds us of childhood fragrances, or a recipe linked to a special person or an important moment in our lives... Why don’t you transform your recipe into a “Ricetta Disegnata”?

What is a “Ricetta Disegnata”, really?

It is an illustrated recipe painted by hand - and much more. It is a different and unique way of evoking memories and sharing happy moments. It is a story that starts from the kitchen and talks about us, our history and the people we love - it tells of how we smile when we cook the recipe grandma taught us, or when we smell the scent of the dish mom prepared for us when we needed that extra cuddle, or when we taste those flavors we tasted on a holiday with our old friends. A “Ricetta Disegnata” is a unique piece, it is painted for you only - you can keep it to yourself or give it to a friend to keep, it helps you treasure emotions filling the walls of your kitchen with color.

How I work

Contact me and give me all the details of your recipe - the title, the ingredients, the procedure. And if you like, tell me the story behind this recipe, and let me know the things you would like to see in the illustration (if any) - and anything else you think might be important for the picture. If you wish to give a recipe as a gift, but you aren’t quite sure about the exact ingredients and procedure - don't worry, we will find the most suitable recipe together.

Once I get all the details about your recipe, I will send you a draft and, when that meets all your requirements, I will start working on the final illustration. Please pay attention to all the details, because from this point on it will no longer be possible to request any changes. I will paint your recipe with watercolors, using mixed techniques as well (colored pencils, graphite, gouache, wax crayons, ink), on high quality 100% cotton 300 g/sqm paper.

When your recipe is finished, I will send you a photo, and then I will send the illustration to you by courier - you will get a unique recipe, painted on high quality paper, carefully packed between polystyrene sheets and inserted in a padded envelope to protect it from shocks.

Dimensions and costs

The standard dimensions of a “Ricetta Disegnata” are: 9,85 x 13,78 inches (25x35 cm), 120 € 11,8 x 15,75 inches (30x40 cm), 140 €

The indicated prices refer to illustrations for personal use. If you need any illustrations for commercial use, write to me and I will send you an ad hoc price quote.

If you have any questions or if you have any projects that differ from those I have described, do not hesitate to contact me - I will be happy to answer your query!