Illustrations for your products

Illustrations for the packaging of your products, for your restaurant's menu, your communication, your website… and for everything that can help you promote and enhance your products and your company.

You sell quality products that come from great research and passion and attention to the smallest details. But you are not quite happy with the visual identity that accompanies them: you feel something is missing, something that can underline their value and make their peculiarities thoroughly enhanced… How can you make a difference? Among those many doubts, you are sure of one thing: it’s time to change! That is where I can help you. We will work together and find the images which best suit your products and

  • make your products unique and also recognizable from a visual point of view;
  • communicate your thoughts, your values, the attention and the passion you put into your work;
  • highlight the idea of quality, preciousness and uniqueness that your products and your company believe in;
  • captivate your customers, who are attentive to quality, love refined features, and recognize and value the difference a single detail can make.

That’s what an illustration can achieve - and there’s more: have they not always told us that an image is worth a thousand words? So now, let's start looking for the right one for you!

How I work

First of all, I listen to you. Tell me about your company and the product we are working on - tell me about the message you want to convey and about your target, let me know the features you want to emphasize, the emotions you want to express and the feelings you want your customers to have as they look at your images. After this fact-finding phase, we will define the project, objectives and deadlines you want me to work on.

On the basis of those data, I will send you a detailed price quote. Once I receive your confirmation, I will begin the research phase, which will lead to the production of some drafts: I will then send them to you so we can discuss them together. This is a very important phase: the success of the project relies on our close collaboration and on your effective feedback.

When you are completely satisfied with the solutions I worked out for you, I will start painting the final illustrations. I usually paint with watercolors, and I also use mixed techniques (colored pencils, graphite, gouache, wax crayons, ink) depending on the project. Once the illustrations are finished, I will scan them at high resolution, then possibly make some adjustments in Photoshop. Finally, I will create the files in a format that can be directly used by those who are in charge of printing or managing your online image.

Some examples

If you have any questions or if you have any projects that differ from those I have described, do not hesitate to contact me - I will be happy to answer your query!