Customized illustrations

I create custom-made illustrations to keep memories and make dreams come true.

Do you love custom-made products, products made with care and passion and a touch of magic? Would you like to choose that amazing and unique gift that makes your loved ones understand how much you care for them? Would you like to treasure your dearest memories in a different, unusual special way, full of color and poetry? My personalized illustrations are designed just for you! Either for you to keep or to give to others, to enhance a special project, to help you tell your story, or to decorate your home with a unique style.

My illustrations are hand painted and custom-made according to your needs; you can choose between the original painting or the digital file (in this case, after painting the illustration by hand, I will scan it at high resolution and edit it in Photoshop to adapt it to your special project).

Here are some examples of illustrations I can create for you:

  • wedding invitations
  • paintings for the children’s room
  • paintings to decorate your home
  • gifts for special occasions (baptisms, anniversaries, birthdays...)
  • illustrations for your blog or website
  • personalized books
  • illustrations to create tailor made fabrics or wallpaper

How it works

Get in touch and tell me all the details: who is the illustration for, what subject you have in mind, what is the occasion, and whatever else you think might be useful to define your project. You can send me some photos to use as a reference or from which I can draw my inspiration. I don't paint portraits, but there may be characters in the illustrations carrying the features of the person you wish to represent. You can tell me something about yourself or the recipient of the gift, so that I can better understand the atmosphere you want me to create. If you already have an idea, tell me the size you prefer. If you have any doubts, don't worry - we will choose the solution that best suits your needs together.

Once I get all the details about your recipe, I will send you a price quote with the delivery timing for the final product. When I get your confirmation, I will start working on a draft. Once you are thoroughly pleased with it, I will start painting the final illustration. I usually paint with watercolors, using mixed techniques as well (colored pencils, graphite, gouache, wax crayons, ink), on high quality 100% cotton 300 g/sqm paper.

Once your illustration is finished, I will send you a photo of it. Then, if you purchased the original painting, I will carefully pack it and send it to you by courier. Otherwise I will scan the picture to high resolution, and, after a phase of possible adjustments in Photoshop, I will create and send you the file in the required format.


Each project has a different price quote - take a look at my shop in the "Customized illustrations" section, just to get an idea.

Some examples

Illustrations for your home
Illustrations for Baptism
Customized paintings
Wedding invitations
Customized books
Illustrations for your website
If you have any questions or if you have any projects that differ from those I have described, do not hesitate to contact me - I will be happy to answer your query!